If you want to get the best out of your website that you invested so much effort and time to build, you should be ready to tackle the challenging practice of website marketing. It is an essential practice and, therefore, as you enhance your web marketing skills, watch out for the following common mistakes.


Mistake #1. Following your guts in decision making

It is clear that website designing and marketing is a challenging process. Throughout the process, you will have to make critical decisions that will determine the success of your website- decisions ranging from the words you choose in promoting the new products to the colours you select to highlight important features on your website. The worst mistake you can do is to make these critical decisions based on your “gut feeling” other than using concrete data when conducting internet marketing for your website.
Installing “Google Analytics” program will help you with generating the important data that you need and ensure you pay attention to the details. Some of the data from this program include informing you of your most popular pages and the traffic sources that produce highest conversions. Use of this information is effective in guiding your decisions than simply guessing on the changes that will highly impact your website.


Mistake #2. Avoiding Split Testing Your Promotions

One of the effective ways of using data in making decisions is with split testing- which is the process of comparing the various elements of the sites and conclusively identify the effective version.
Taking an example where you are launching a promotion and you have two banners one reading “Buy Now and Get Free Shipping” while the other reads “Buy Now And Get 20% Off” and you want to know which will attract more clicks through your advertisement. By the use of a split test program, you can run the two against each other and identify the one your clients will respond more to than the other instead of doing guess work.
Using the data collected from your test program can be beneficial in your current and future promotions, but if you use your gut feeling, you will miss out on great opportunities.


Mistake #3. Despising The Long Term Goals Importance

Set up long-term, measurable goals once you start using split testing software and Google Analytics in generating the needed web data that helps in making the right decisions concerning the wide changes on the site.
Suppose you intend to make more sales from your website. It is a great start, but how will you be able to quantify this? What is the number of sales you intend to make by the end of the year? Which are the particular traffic sources that you would want to account for the sales? What is the set profit margin that you hope to achieve?
By realising what you desire to accomplish, you will be in a better position to direct your actions towards your goals. The simple decision of deciding to “increase sales” is not enough and convincing, but if you talk of increasing sales by 50% from Facebook traffic in the next six months, you better have an effective strategy to lead you towards your objectives, as well as leaving benchmarks that will help you measure your progress and keep you on track.


Mistake #4. Avoiding Appropriate Keywords

Several websites are build up without a single thought of the appropriate keywords they are targeting.The advantages of using appropriate keywords include free potential traffic and your page gets enough optimization and high rankings in the search engine results pages, benefits that sites with inappropriate keywords don’t get to enjoy.
How does the right keyword appear? The results you get vary based on the particular effort you are using to ensure to get your site ranked and the business scope that you are dealing with. An important thing to note is that no matter how great your website is, you will not get it to be ranked well in the Google by using common phrases like “make money online” or “lose weight” without employing some great effort on it.
Use of less competitive phrases that are locally oriented (for instance, “best Web Designers in Perth”) or long-tail key phrases (i.e. “get the best website in Perth”) are more likely to result in better rankings.


Mistake #5. Not Optimising Your Pages

After a careful selection of the keywords to target, you need to optimise your pages so as to enable Google and other search engines to understand. Below are some of the steps you should follow:

  • Integration of the target keywords into headline tag, meta tags, and the body content
  • Your page URL to contain your keyword
  • Use of target keywords as anchor texts by building backlinks to the site


Mistake #6. Ignoring Your Social presence

Your level of social activities on the networking sites can be used to your advantage. In the past, the various social sites represented a platform to deliver you marketing messages to prospective customers, but it is now known that the “social shares” that your website has can increase your ranking.
Based on the statements made by Google and Bing, social media plays an active role in enhancing the engine search results by providing preferences based on the number of times a content is shared on the social sites or the authority of the author.
Based on the launching of Google+ which impacted heavily on the social injections, it is clear that your social presence is important than ever and invest in maintaining your presence in some of the top social media sites.


Mistake #7. Expecting Immediate Results

Your website may be good and has all the correct information and even may appear better than your competitors, but that is not a guarantee that traffic will come flowing once you open it.
You should be aware that building internet traffic takes time.The search engines, on the other hand, need to index your content, and your prospective clients will take time to identify your site and choose it as a better alternative than others.
Don’t despair if only your website receives a couple of visits, but also don’t relax either. You need to market it heavily and after some intensive promoting, you will have the traffic that you always wanted flowing in non-stop.