When customers walk into a bricks and mortar business, it is the sales assistants or receptionist and the office or store surroundings that create that important first impression. In the virtual world, customers can only use your website from which to take their first impression of your company. Redesigning your website takes time, thought and money, but it can pay dividends.


Redesigning your website need not necessarily mean changing all your branding and graphic elements. It could simply mean making a few functional modifications to make your website work better and thus help you to reach your marketing goals because a company website is a basic sales tool and it plays a huge part in any modern business’ marketing strategy. At Perth Web Agency, your website will receive the attention and importance that such an important sales and marketing tool deserves.


There are many circumstances in which a website redesign can help your business to achieve better sales and exposure of your company’s goods and services.


8 Excellent Reasons to Redesign Your Website  – Part 1


5) Your site is not responsive to Mobile Devices

Over 17% of all internet traffic now comes from smart ‘phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Websites that are not responsive are probably losing leads and customers. The use of mobile devices will only continue to increase and their users want to have the same great website view and functionality that they get on a desktop computer. In developing countries, the digital revolution has developed differently to that in the West, users have missed out the desktop computer stage completely and they access the internet using mobile telephones and other mobile devices. It is sensible then to ensure that your site is responsive to mobile devices to garner the most effect from your business website, in the form of customers and sales leads and to make sure that the company’s website is available to a wide selection of internet users, whether they are using a traditional computer or a mobile telephone.


6) You want to Improve Your Site’s Content

Great site content improves everything from the retention of customers to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and search engines continuously change their algorithms. Algorithm changes have meant that search engines now ignore sites with poor content or they do not rank them highly in search engine results. Content is King on today’s internet and it is wise to have a content strategy. If your company already has a content strategy, perhaps it is time to reconsider whether it is working for your site and your business aims and goals.
Great changes to your content strategy, perhaps more blogs, might necessitate a website redesign to make blogs and other content easy for customers to find. Those undecided about changing their content strategy should consider whether customers can easily find their brilliant content, whether it incorporates calls to action and whether search engines and both find and index the content.


7) A Competitor Business Changed its Site

It is clearly unnecessary to completely redesign a site every time a competitor business changes its site. However, where a competitor company or business changes its site in such a way that their search engine rankings improve so much that your site’s ranking in the searches drops far behind, it may be sensible to make some changes on your own business’ site.
Business site owners looking at a competitor’s site and knowing that it is much better and more highly ranked in the search engine results than their own site should think about having a site redesign.


8) Some of the Site Tools are outdated or no longer meet modern functionality requirements.

There is nothing more frustrating for customers than site tools, such as shopping baskets, that do not work properly because the embedded widget is outdated. It may be necessary to remove or replace such tools, especially where they are not working properly, slowing the site down or causing screen freeze and where newer more improved versions are now available. Customers faced with such problems will simply go to another site that works properly. Changing to more modern tools will both appeal to visitors and probably turn them into customers.



Business site owners identifying any of the eight issues above in respect of their websites should not panic and immediately order a complete site redesign. However, in the case where several issues affect the business’s website could mean that it is time to consider a completely new site design.
A website is a sales tool, if it is not retaining existing customers and bringing new ones one needs to discover why it is not doing its job and make plans for the necessary changes.
You could design your business site yourself, but it is not an easy thing for those not schooled in website design to do. You could use some of the sites that allow you to build such a site using design tools provided on the site, but these are not very intuitive to use and it takes an age to build a website that does not always look very professional. Most business people simply do not have the time and time is money. The process is also quite fraught and stressful.
Your expertise is in selling your goods and services to your customers and in running your business. Designing a business website is not something everyone can undertake in a professional capacity. Website Design Perth has the professional expertise required to advise businesses as to the best website design for their particular needs and circumstances. This excellent Perth Web Agency has the knowledge and technical ability to then design and make business websites that work for business.
It might be more cost effective in terms of money, time and stress to have your site redesigned by professional website designers. Your business will get a professional looking website, which will keep your existing customers happy, attract new customers, stay high the search engine rankings and bask in the approval of the search engine algorithms, all of which will increase your customer base and thus contribute to the sales and success of your business.