That’s an analogy that I’ve used for some time now, as my fellow workmates can attest to. Even though the phrase may sound a little on the corny side, it’s a big way to help describe just how we ate Perth Web Agency design and develop websites.

Designing and Development a Website is very similar to Building a House: you need to know exactly what you need, what kind of work will need to be involved, and how long it will take to complete it. Here are some ways in which Building a House and Designing and Development a Website are similar to one another.

Designing and Development a Website is just like Building a House – Part 1



When someone visits your new house, chances are they won’t say something like, “you’ve got one helluva frame and some amazing wiring going on!” The main things that draw the attention of passers-by the most are the finishes, paint work, and kit-out outside of the house; however, it’s important to keep in mind that what truly makes a house long-lasting and liveable is the functionality, in-built flow, and frame of it. The same qualities apply to your website during the Prototype stage. After this stage has been fully completed, the final stage commences, which we at Perth Web Agency refer to as the Design stage. This stage is the equivalent of selecting things like carpet pile, paint colours, and counter tops. The Design stage involves discussing how the final design of the website will look, which is what our clients get a kick out of doing the most.



The needs of the homeowner may change even after construction of their new house is already under way, which could lead to the builder and/or architect needing to make either small changes or completely redoing existing work that has already been completed. The same can most definitely be said in regards to website design. In both cases, however, it is highly possible the extra costs will be incurred in order to make something like this happen in regards to manpower, materials, and time that were not included in the initial budget of the project. The best possible way to prevent something like this from happening is to be as thorough as you possibly can with us at Perth Web Agency before the project itself actually begins.



Things like furniture, artwork, picture frames, and knick-knacks in your home let your visitors know about the kind of person that you are. Often times, homes that are designed and furnished by those who will not actually be living there can feel essentially detached and cold in regards to the personality of the homeowner. Just as experts are needed to build a house, experts are also needed to Designing and Development a Website, and at Perth Web Agency, we employ the services of only the best in the business. However, when it comes to adding things to your website such as photos, products, etc., the best person to accomplish that particular job is you. After the Prototype has been successfully submitted and approved, the client is then welcome to submit as many images and text files to be added to their website as they wish, as these items are part of the client’s own personal touch. Our Dashboard of content management system will enable the client to change things like images and text files anywhere on their website once they have approved the final product.



During the final stages of construction on a house, the project manager will accompany the homeowners on a walk through of the building. Perth Web Agency does the exact same thing for our clients in regards to their websites. Once the client approves the final product, it is then applied to the Prototype that was previously approved, along with the photos and text files that have been submitted to be placed on the final product. Once this has been completed, the project manager will deliver the site to you, which will give you an opportunity to review the entire thing for the first time, where you will be able to suggest any changes or accept it as it is.



When a website has been fully completed and approved by the client, we at Perth Web Agency will hand over complete control of it, as well as control of the Dashboard of content management system. As previously mentioned, you will be able to use this system to make any changes that you feel need to be made along the way, as well as adding even more new content to your website. This will also give you a chance to become as familiar with Dashboard as possible, so do not hesitate to take as much time as you feel that you need. We at Perth Web Agency can provide you the website management service to maintain the website and apply your any required changes.



When a house is completely finished and the homeowners have moved in, the time will come to invite friends and family over for a party, as well as to see the finished product. The same thing applies to your website. Once it is completely finished, contact the project manager who assisted you, who will help you in every way necessary to launch the website and make it go live for the world to see. If no one knows it exists, then no one will come to its house warming. We at Perth Web Agency can help you to make your website visible on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We provide fully SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service to our clients.



Often times, if any kind of renovation work needs to be done, most homeowners don’t want to get themselves dirty trying to do the job themselves. Instead, they will seek out the assistance of professionals in order to ensure that the job is done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here at Perth Web Agency, many of our clients return to us on a regular basis with assistance in maintaining their website, whether it be for issues such as functionality or design work. However, they may also wish to use Dashboard to attempt to do the work themselves; this can truly test the patience level of most individuals. Instead, we highly recommend that you continue to seek us out for any and all assistance that you may need with your website.