6. Do I Need A Website If Most Of My Customers Are Not Computer Users?

While it may be true that your existing customers are not computer users, the same could probably not be said for any potential customers that may find your website online. The rise in popularity of smart phones and tablets, as well as continued use of desktop PCs and laptops means that more people than ever are searching online for businesses that are offering the products or services that they are looking for. Without a website your small business could be missing out on these potential customers finding you. It is also possible that even if your existing customers are not using computers at the moment, they may be at some point in the near future. The use of the internet is something that is growing among all generations and this is something that your small business needs to be aware of in your marketing strategy.

7. Can I Use Family Or Friends To Make My Website?

While family or friends may offer you what you think is a good deal to develop your website, this may be a false economy unless they are experienced website developers. People who design websites as a hobby will probably be able to design you a website that looks attractive and contains all the information that you want it to. However, there is a lot more that goes to into website design than text and graphics. A professional website developer will be able to create a website that not only looks good but is also very easy to navigate for the user and can be found easily in search engines. It is particulary important for a small business that their website can be found easily through a relevant internet search and this type of search engine optimization that a professional website developer can offer should be an important part of your marketing strategy. A professional website developer will also be able to optimize the website for viewing on a smart phone or tablet. However attractive your website is, it will not be effective if people are unable to find it, or have difficulty navigating around it and this could be very costly for your small business.

8. Will There Be Any Money From The Advertising Budget Left To Pay For A Website?

The money to pay for the design of the website and it’s upkeep may not need to come from the advertising budget. While a website is a useful tool to complement any advertising efforts, it is more of a communication tool than a marketing tool in it’s own right. Any advertisements that you use will contain the message that you want to get across to your customers. When these advertisements contain a link to your website then it allows customers to use this link to find out more about the services that you offer which can reinforce your advertising message. The use of a website can have a number of benefits for your small business and it is well worth trying to find the money from whatever budget you can. Although it is an extra expense, it may also be a good idea to pay a professional website developer to design and maintain this website as the extra expertise that they can bring to the design of the website can be invaluable for a small business.

9. How Will A Website Help Build A Personal Relationship With Our Customers?

A website will not directly help you build a more personal relationship with your customers. What it will do is help potential customers to find your small business and to find out more information about exactly what you can offer them. Once a customer has made contact with you, this is when you begin to build a relationship with the customer. Having a website will attract more people that you then have the potential to turn into customers and should be a vital part of your marketing strategy. It can help you to reach a wider audience and maybe to target a demographic that you would not have otherwise considered. Building a relationship with these people is still important in converting them into customers, but this will be done through direct contact with the customer which has occurred due to them finding your information through your website.

10. How Would I Run A Website With No Experience?

You do not have to run a website as such once it has been developed and has gone live on the internet. All of the hard work goes into the creation of the website and this will ideally have been carried out by a professional website developer. You do not have to do anything in terms of the website to actively seek out new customers. They will find you through the website just as it is without you having to make any additional marketing efforts. Updates to the site may need to be made as changes occur in your company, but even if you have no experience yourself then this should not pose too much of a problem. The website developer who created your website in the first place will usually be able to make any changes that you require quickly and efficiently, and at a reasonable price.


While all these questions may seem like a barrier to using a website for your small business, as has been demonstrated they can all be easily overcome and when they are then the website that has been created will have a number of advantages. These advantages increase when the site has been designed by a professional website developer. It gives potential customers the opportunity to find out all about your business, including its history and the latest news, and perhaps most importantly it gives your customers the chance to make contact with you. Online marketing is more important today than it has ever been and a website is an important part of this. The chances are that almost all of your competitors will have a website and by not having one yourself, your small business could be losing out.