A lot of techies out there have been using their Tablet devices and smart phones just to ingress the “Information Highway” or in layman’s term, “The Internet.” Try to keep an eye in your surroundings and be enthralled with the umpteen number of people who are engrossed on the screens of their iPads, iPhones, Galaxy Tablets, etc. as they look for products and services offered online.

Can you believe, as of 2012, there were over 1 Billion smartphone users globally!


Responsive Website


We all know that mobile web browsers can be quite complex. They are known to provide cutting-edge challenges in every database, online.

If your website is not up-to-date, you’re knocking off a generous amount of business opportunities!

In addition, according to a comprehensive research done by Olswang, almost 22% of internet users are using their Smart phone to access the world-wide-web. Furthermore, the percentage increased to 31% wherein the users range from 24-35 years old. Therefore, if your web domain is not mobile device-friendly, you should undeniably enroll in a plan this year.

Things To Ponder:

Your Current Website, Does It Require A Flash Player?

Unfortunately, Adobe abolished the idea of developing a flash player for mobiles. Thus, the latest operating browser on Android phones is not capable of displaying flash pages. Also, apple devices are restricted from viewing flash animations. The main idea is, if your web page uses flash animation, then you should refurbish and update it. Worse case scenario would be, if your web page is programmed to use flash, you need to junk your old layout and reformat your page.

Can Smartphone Users Access It?

Try to visit your current website using your smartphone. Is it readily accessible? Does it look engaging? Compared to your online competitors, is it a neck and neck battle or your website is failing?

If you’re dismayed with the answers from the questions on top, it’s time to reinvent your site. Perth Web Agency is your key to this dilemma.

Perth Web Agency gives you the exclusive rights to either make your website versatile that it can easily conform with various types of devices, or you can design a special webpage for every type of mobile device.

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