8 Reasons to Redesign Your Website – Part 1

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When customers walk into a bricks and mortar business, it is the sales assistants or receptionist and the office or store surroundings that create that important first impression. In the virtual world, customers can only use your web site from which to take their first impression of your company. Redesigning your web site takes time, thought and money, but it can pay dividends.

Redesigning your web site need not necessarily mean changing all your branding and graphic elements. It could simply mean making a few functional modifications to make your web site work better and thus help you to reach your marketing goals because a company web site is a basic sales tool and it plays a huge part in any modern business’ marketing strategy. At Perth Web Agency, your web site will receive the attention and importance that such an important sales and marketing tool deserves.

There are many circumstances in which a web site redesign can help your business to achieve better sales and exposure of your company’s goods and services.

1) Your business web site is not getting the expected results.

Companies and businesses have a web site in order to attract customers. In the past, businesses mainly dealt with customers in their own vicinity or in their own country, rarely did they deal with customers further afield because it was very difficult to do so. In the digital age, businesses seek to expand their markets to deal across the world and they use the internet to do so. If your data and analytics do not show that your web site is helping the business to expand its markets and gain and retain customers, it could be that your web site needs redesigning. Your business site’s conversion rates, that is how many site visitors stay on the site long enough to become prospective customers and prospective customers become actual customers are the most important figures to consider here. They can give an inkling of what might need adjusting.

Perhaps the site’s call to action does not result in customers. Perhaps your landing pages look very pretty but do not say very much to encourage visitors to stay on your site and learn more about your business and its products or services.

The site’s text may be deterring visitors from staying on your site, perhaps it is too dense, riddled with jargon, or business speak or the style of your written content is discouraging visitors from staying on your site. Perhaps the tone of your written content is unprofessional or a little hectoring or intimidating. Your site’s written content should both match the business’s voice and speak to the site’s target audience.

2) The Original Purpose of the Site Has Changed

In most businesses marketing strategy is a fluid and reflects constantly changing market conditions, no more so than in these present testing times. It is unnecessary to completely redesign a business site every time the company slightly adjusts its marketing strategy, but it is prudent to check periodically that the site still reflects the company’s marketing aims. How often you check will of course depend on whether the business is constantly modifying its marketing strategy and whether those modifications affect conversion rates.

Where the site’s original purpose has altered over time, it is necessary to change its layout to reflect the site’s current purpose and the company’s current marketing aims. For example, a Do it Yourself store’s aim might be to give customers help and advice on how to do particular tasks, it might provide some “How To” content in the form of blog posts on common household tasks such as How To wallpaper, stop a water leak or cure a damp problem.

3) The Web Site is not Functioning Properly or is not User Friendly

A site that does not load properly or one that is difficult to navigate, use or read will drive viewers to other more effective web sites, probably those of your business competitors. The way that a business web site functions is that important and affects both site traffic and sales or lead generation. Test your business web site periodically and ask others to do so too. Test whether a visitor to the site can easily and quickly find basic information such as how to contact the company, whether navigating the site is easy, that important content is easily found, and importantly whether product and/or service information is still relevant and complete. If the site is either malfunctioning or not working at its very optimum level it might be time to ask Perth Web Agency to redesign it.

4) You Have Formulated an Effective web design strategy

Businesses considering a web site redesign may already know something about what does not work well on their web site and for their purposes. Completely redesigning a web site in one fell swoop may not be the way to go, it might be better to use the data about what works on your current site, think about the site’s current users and considering these to take a different more gradual long term approach.
Many well-visited sites make tiny changes regularly, which even frequent visitors never notice. Large companies with famous brand names have whole teams of web designers working on the tiniest details of their web sites. Smaller companies without such resources must be sure that every change solves a problem rather than creating more.

Current customers might be upset if your site were to change completely. Site analytics might not justify a complete site overhaul. It might be more cost effective to make a few small changes to one feature rather than to completely redesign the site.

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