It seems so easy: just get yourself a website for your business and watch the money roll in. However, if your website is number 793 out of 800 on a search for your project, don’t expect a big response. The obvious question is “How do you increase your website ranking on search engines?

A basic understanding of the process used by the various search engines to establish the search ranking of a website is the first step in improving the situation. The process of improving the position of a site is referred to as Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO. Primarily this means choosing the appropriate keywords for the site and placing them properly within the text the optimum number of times. Keywords may be specific to your locale. Western Australia will certainly have keywords which would be inappropriate for Los Angeles. The use of headlines, bullets, and type size and style are also significant.

Luckily, a quick internet search on the subject yields a plethora of companies offering help with the process, even offering free reports on your site. Many of these companies specialise in helping local businesses. If your business is located in Perth, you may not want a business located in Chicago to design your website. Choose wisely, a high-ranking can mean high profits. Don’t forget, once potential customers visit your site, they have to find something well written that appeals to them. Someone from Perth will probably know better what appeals to local residents or even potential tourists than someone who has never been outside Papua New Guinea.