Recently we have spent a good bit of our time emphasising to our clients the importance of getting a mobile ready website design as soon as possible. After all, they are crucial to the success of today’s businesses. So, we were shocked when a client asked us, “What’s the big deal? What’s the difference between a desktop website and a mobile website?” That’s when it hit us! We had been stressing to our clients that it was essential that they get a mobile ready website design, but we had never taken the time to explain the difference between a mobile optimised website and a traditional desktop website. Let us finally explain!

What a Mobile Ready Website is not?

By far the most common misconception we hear regarding mobile ready websites is that they are simply desktop websites but smaller. (So, there is no further confusion, let us remind you that a desktop website is the one you see on your desktop computer or laptop. Viewed on a large monitor, you use your mouse to navigate around the page.) Now, take out your mobile device/smartphone and visit a few websites. (Don’t forget your own website and our website) If what pops up on the screen is a minuscule version of the website that is impossible to decipher, then you are no visiting a mobile ready website. You can expand the screen using your fingers, but you will only be able to see a small portion of the website at a time. Horrible, isn’t it?

What a Mobile Ready Website Is

A mobile ready website design is created specifically for a small screen and is scaled so that it functions perfectly on the device. Instead of a desktop website that is almost impossible to see and use, the site fits your phone. A mobile website gets rid of all the extras you usually find on a desktop website and directs users to the information they are looking for. Keep in mind that when people use a mobile device to find a business or store, they usually need the information fast. Using large and easy to navigate graphics and fonts accomplishes this.

Additional features that distinguish a mobile ready website design from a desktop website include:

Easy to read text with clearly identifiable menu navigation buttons.

Click to call feature with your phone number that gives customers the ability to touch the number and dial without the trouble of pressing in the numbers. (Crucial for customers who are in a hurry!)

Directions/ GPS that gives users the ability to easily and quickly find your shop without typing anything in.
One touch contact info that allows customers to include you in their list of contacts with a simple click.

Let’s take a quick look at some examples of mobile ready website designs.

Why Mobile Ready Websites are Crucial for Today’s Businesses

People using a mobile device have minimal patience on their best day. In fact, most mobile device users will ditch a website that is not mobile ready for one that is in less than a few seconds. Even more important your loyal customers who love your products/services will do this too if you do not have a mobile ready website. If your website isn’t mobile ready, you are definitely losing potential customers and sales. They only question is how many.

As of February 2015, mobile devices accounted for 65% of Internet usage. This number continues to increase. If you own a business, you simply cannot overlook the mobile revolution.

Responsive Website Design

Keep in mind that you still need to maintain a good desktop website design. Yes, numerous people use a mobile device, but there are still plenty that uses laptops and desktop computers too. That being said, using a mobile device to surf the web is becoming the go-to choice for millions of people.

At Perth Web Agency, we operate under the theory of “responsive web design.” This means that we create websites that respond according to what device is being used. When a customer accesses your website from a desktop computer, they get the big website with all the features that they are used to. However, when they visit your website from their smartphone, they will see a website that is optimised for mobile use. This is a site that loads quickly over cell networks, is easy to use and read, and provides all the crucial information they need to purchase what you are selling.